Monday, February 14, 2011

The Bachelor

First of all, how much does The Bachelor suck this season???

Bachelor Brad Womack - douchebag to the nth degree (who ditched not one, but two potential brides at the altar during a few seasons back) - gets another chance at love...awww, warms my heart.

Bachelor Brad Womack gets a second chance at finding love

Yes, I admit watching it despite the fact that it is the lowest common denominator on TV. It's kind of like the trainwreck you just can't turn away from.

ABC producers sunk to a new level of low this season though. Dear, sweet Emily - pageant queen and single Mom, nice Southern girl with the twang to match. We learn early on that her NASCAR-driving fiance died in a plane crash on the way to a race that Emily - by chance - did not attend because she was not feeling well. (Of course, she was preggers, but didn't know it yet.)

Girl-Next-Door Emily

On Emily's first one-on-one date with Brad, he takes her flying in a prop plane, the type fiance died in on the way to the race. Just a little cruel, methinks?

It gets even better though (and, by better, I mean worse) when, a few weeks later, Emily is part of the ladies' NASCAR group date and is forced to drive a racecar on a Vegas track where dead fiance previously crashed. Seriously, ABC? Is this what you need to do to get ratings because Bachelor Brad is just so boring and unsympathetic? Pathetic is what I have to say.


Then, there's producers' baby, Drama Queen Michelle. Michelle proved herself to be boil-your-bunny crazy (a la Glenn Close in Fatal Attraction) early on. Yet she remained safe, drama-infused rose ceremony after rose ceremony...until tonight.

"Bunny Boiler" Michelle Money would make Glenn Close proud

Now, I can't be the only one who saw this, but, "coincidentally"...

During the second hour of the show tonight, a commercial for Android aired in which a girl, who looked much like Bunny Boiler Michelle and, unless my ears deceived me, referred to a guy named Brad, plotted ways she could cyber-stalk her prey with her new Android. I thought it was hilarious.

That's my rant for tonight...

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